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Muhammad Ali & Trainer Angelo Dundee Autographed Everlast Boxing Gloves (2)

Muhammad Ali & his trainer Angelo Dundee each autographed individual Everlast 14 ounce boxing gloves. Muhammad Ali signed his in black sharpie and rates a crisp 9-10. The boxing glove is in NM to Mint condition and doesn't appear to have been used. Angelo Dundee's glove appears to be signed in a black felt tip pen in a sprawling 5x4" signature and would rate it an 8-9. The penmanship is unique giving it a slight faded look, believed caused from the felt tip and not from aging. The glove appears to be NM to Mint condition with little or no usage.

Angelo Dundee was Muhammad Ali's trainer spanning 21 years from 1960-1981 and also trained a total of 15 other boxing champions including Sugar Ray Leonard and George Foreman!


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