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Jimi Hendrix Stage Worn Bead Necklace Provenance Letter from Roadie

Are you ready for this Hendrix afficianado's?  If you haven't read it yet, get the book "Rock Roadie" and you will be able to read the story of Tappy's life and why he ended up with a few "souvenirs" from the '60's rock legend Jimi Hendrix.  

"He wore these beads with the suede fringe jacket at a  gig." Tappy intimates, "  I used to be the general manager Anim lmted which was owned by Mike Jeffrey who managed Jimi Hendrix and the Animals and I was also the Roadie for the Animals.  I worked with Hendrix and some of the biggest rock legends of the day."  

Jimi Hendrix had clothes everywhere in his own apartment and in their "Anim" London offices.    These items were left in Tappy's offices in London on Jarod st..  Tappy further states that"Jimi would offer us guitars and stuff that he didn't want to carry."

These mementos of Hendrix was kept in Tappy's apartment in in New Castle for years until now as he forgot that he even had it tucked away in his attic.  

There are some traditional garbs that Hendrix was known to wear beads,  fringe and suede are amongst them. Epitomizing the guitar legend himself, theis colorful bead necklace is part of the entire ensemble he wore on stage including the hat pictured in the photo.  Although, the hat is not available, the green shirt, beads and jacket were all part of the outfit that Hendrix left behind in London and are being separately offered. 

What an opportunity to own a piece of Hendrix with the impeccable provenance of Tappy Wright. 


100% Authentic Team, Letter of Provenance

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