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Star Trek Signed Original One Sheet Movie Poster. Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana

This is an original One Sheet Movie poster for the reinvention of Star Trek Movies. I got the poster at Comic Con in San Diego a few years ago. It is signed by Zachary Quinto (spock) and Zoe Saldana (uhura). Both of them signed this poster for me IN PERSON at various events surrounding San Diego Comic Con. Zach has signed it boldly in silver paint marker while Zoe has signed it boldly in gold paint marker. Zach has added "Good Things" to his signature. Looks magnificent.

This is a full sized One Sheet Movie poster with the print on both sides of the poster. It is stored in a poster holder in my home. I took two pictures of this poster. The first is a picture of the poster as a whole while the second is a close up of the autographs themselves. Any inperfections shown in the photos are on the holder only. There is no damage or scratches to the poster itself. The poster is in excellent condition. One Sheet movie posters are highly sought after collectibles and signed movie posters are very rare to find. THIS IS A MUST ITEM FOR STAR TREK FANS.


100% Authentic Team

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