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A Rodney Marsh Game-Used #10 Tampa Bay Rowdies NASL Home Jersey.

A Rodney Marsh Game-Used #10 Tampa Bay Rowdies NASL Home Jersey.  Marsh was a brash and gifted player who has been often compared to George Best.  Maarsh played for the Rowdies from 1976-1979, and scored 48 goals in 94 appearances for the club.  Marsh later went on to manage the Rowdies from 1984-86.  This top was worn by Marsh during his career in the NASL. 

Upon close inspection, you will come to find the following signs of use throughout this jersey:  The Speedline logo which is stitched into the neckline has a tear in the tag, and one seam is coming undone slightly.  Each armpit has a slight hole forming where stitching has come undone.  No major staining exists.  No major damage exists.  The garment smells of it's era.  As detailed further below, the Rowdies logo (which was applied when manufactured by Speedline) has aged differently than the squad numbers to front and back.  The back number has cracking throughout.  the Rowdies logo has faded a bit as it may have been applied by Speedline in a lighter paint.  The #10 to front remains fairly bright, but when inspected closely, some minor cracking exists.  The garment is in appropriate condition for a garment of this style from this era.  

Please take a moment to review the authentication notes provided, as well as the provided photographs.

1.  Manufactured by Speedline.

2.  Garment is composed entirely of mesh.  A very identifiable fabric for this era.

3.  Rowdies logo painted/sublimated into the fabric.  Speedline manufactured the jerseys for the club with the Rowdies logo, but without numbers or names.  The club then had names and numbers added after manufacture, often in different styles, sizes, fonts, material, etc.

4.  Yellow collar version.

5.  Yellow stripes to sleeves are applied in heavy paint-like material.

6.  Appropriate identifiers throughout.

7.  The Rowdies logo, small squad #10 to front, and the squad #10 to back have all aged slightly differently.  The Rowdies logo, which was applied by Speedline, has faded more than the numbers, and lost it's sheen a bit.  The back #10 still has a heavy paint sheen visible, but has cracking throughout.  The front #10 has minor cracking to the paint, but remains quite bright.  The squad numbers were applied by the club, whereas the Rowdies logo would have been applied by Speedline.

8.  The club, as most NASL clubs of the time, had endless variations on the styles and materials used for their jerseys.  The Rowdies logo stayed the same for the most part throughout the clubs existence.  However, the jersey style and font of numbers had changed endless times, often with no rhyme or reason.  The club used green collars, yellow collars, fabric stripes, painted stripes, etc etc etc.  The club used a unique font for many years for their squad numbers, but you will also see random moments where the club ditched the western style numbers for block numbers and nameplates.  This jersey has the block style.  If you do photo research of Rowdies jerseys, you will find an endless array of styles, materials, fonts, etc.  As was common with the NASL in this era....clubs seemed to have an almost homemade/makeshift manner in which jerseys were provided to the players.

9.  No nameplate has been applied, suggesting this jersey would have been worn by Marsh during a friendly match, tour match or exhibition match.

An extremely rare NASL example from the peak of this iconic era in American soccer.  A fine Rodney Marsh example in an iconic Rowdies style.


100% Authentic Team

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